Electrical & Lighting: 

Pat’s Total Home Repair, Inc.


Electrical Problems:  I am very good at figuring out what the electrical problem is.  Most of the time it is a bad connection, bad GFI, or a bad switch or outlet.  I own tracing equipment to assist in locating the problems. 

Adding Outlets:  I will run electrical where needed.  Pictured below is an electrical white outlet ran to a kitchen island.  Making a perfect cut, into the woodwork, for the outlet, without a slip, was important.

Lighting & Ceiling fans:  I install all kinds of Lighting, Ceiling fans, Dimmer switches, Timers, ...

Smoke & Co Detectors:  No Problem.

Garage Electrical: Many garages need outlets and lighting.  I have upgraded many garages giving the customer convenient outlet locations and as much light as they need.

The ultimate in garage electrical and lighting.  I installed no glare lighting and wired it to have three levels of lighting

(Level 1 = only the middle lamp lights;

Level 2 = only the two outer lamps light;

Level 3 = all the lamps light.) 

I installed all of the power outlets (120v, 240v, and machinery 3-phase with a high leg).

Outdoor Lighting:

I ran a dedicated electrical circuit for the outdoor lighting. 

Left: I install a heavy duty aluminum sealed energy saving light fixture.  Today, this would be an LED light saving more energy.

Below: I installed 300 feet of commercial grade rope LED energy saving light around the entire house and motion sensor spot lights for security purposes.  I included outlets for the christmas lighting too.

An LED light is installed on the far white garage.

Land Scape Lighting: I have supplied and installed Kichler landscape lighting.  http://www.kichler.com/style-guide/lighting-galleries/landscape-lighting.aspx  The pictures below are from Kichler.  I tried to take pictures of my projects but night pictures require a professional photographer. 

Appliance circuits: I also run 240 volt circuits for appliances like ovens, dryers, and sump pumps.


Sump Pump Power:  I run dedicated electrical outlets to sump pumps.  I have supplied and installed AC & DC Battery back up sump pumps.  www.StopFlooding.com is one of my suppliers. 

As you can see, I also will install a shelf to keep your back up off the floor.

Electrical Circuit Breaker boxes, Drops and Circuit Panels:

I can work with one of my teammate electricians to install a circuit breaker box.  

Left: To meet code and allow a bathroom expansion, we moved and updated the CB-box from inside of the house, to the garage.

Left: The electrical had to be moved due to the corner of the building was sinking.  I had an electric pole installed and then ran the electrical underground.  This solved an issue with trucks running into the electric.  We re-ran all of the electric inside the buildings.  I repaired the corner of the building. 

Christmas and holiday lighting: I can install temporary lighting on houses 1 to 1-1/2 story high.  If you have a 2+ story home, I work with one of my teammates:

Serving Local communities: Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Oak Brook Terrace, Lombard, Villa Park, Hillside, Berkeley, Westmont, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, and NorthLake.