We can help insulate your attic


We had one of our teammates blow in insulation because of the difficulty to roll it in. 

Patrick will make sure your attic has air flowing through it to make sure moisture is not trapped and mold doesn’t grow.  He can install venting, plastic ducts, and roof exhaust if needed.

If you need insulation blown in, Patrick will give Ted or Brian a call.  Brian and Ted own a large truck with a large vacuum that blows insulation into an attic.

See examples of our work below:

When many HVAC companies install duct work in an attic, they use R2 insulation jackets.  This customer was sitting in her living room with a space heater next to her because of the draft induced by the cooling of the warm air in the duct work.  She was also spending a lot of money to heat her home. 

I insulated her duct work with R17 + R3 wrap.  Due to the attic’s difficult floor plan, we had insulation blown in between the duct work and piping and ......                    She no longer needs a space heater.

Note: The R-3 wrap was installed to protect the R17 when one needs to craw over the duct work.

You can see the original R-1 insulation we are covering with R-17.  You can also see the thickness of the white insulation coming over the supply duct run.  Also notice the automatic exhaust fan we installed and wired to move heat and humidity out of the attic when needed.

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