Examples of small jobs completed by Patrick the Handyman


A few Examples of some problems solved in 2013:

Repair and or Replace many ceiling fans, lights and chandeliers.

Elmhurst, IL

Hot water tanks:  Installed a few and corrected their piping.  I supply professional tanks with copper drain valves.

Sump Pumps:  Replaced and installed many Sump Pumps and back up sump pumps.  www.stopflooding.com Just one of the manufacturers we supply and install.

Wireless light switches repaired:   A customer had wireless light switches & light fixtures installed many years ago.  They were not working properly anymore.  To replace would require an a large expense.  So I found the problem to be a battery connection to the circuit board.  I dis-assembled, installed a new battery connections onto the circuit board, and they are now as good as new.  Saving the customer money.

Electrical Problems:  I have solved many electrical problems this year.  Many times the people doing the electric work for a licensed electrical company or a remodeling company are not qualified to do electrical work.  Even though the “owner” has an electrical licensed, the men working for him do not.  I find many bad electrical connections and repair them.  Most of the time the electric “opens” and there is arcing then the connection no longer conducts electricity.  If a shared grounding circuit (which is against code) opens, it can cause 120 volts to run on the return white wire and start devices on fire.    This happens when remodelers take short cuts and do not understand the danger they put the home owner in.

Example of my power washer: 

I ran clean stripes to show the cleaning ability of my concrete power washer attachment.   My red & white cooler is next to the attachment.  This attachment allows quick cleaning of concrete.   

My professional power washer is set at 2500 PSI so as not to damage the wood or concrete.  Many competitors  use 3500 to 4500 PSI to get the job done quick but long term damage can result.  

Melrose Park, IL

Fold down attic ladder:  

Customer requested a new attic ladder because they could not pull it down without great effort.  I examined the ladder and understood just the side steel mechanisms needed to be replaced.  Challenge:  Find a source to purchase the mechanism and figure out how to stand on ladder while removing the side supports due to it being in a hallway above a staircase.

I met both challenges and save her the expense of a new installation.  I also figured a way to install the mechanism so it would not wear out so fast.   Villa Park, IL

Found a bench in the garbage.  Wire wheeled the side supports and spray painted black.

Disposed of the old wood and used my grandfathers 60 year old, very strong, maple hardwood. 

Redesigned the back to fit my body perfectly and added an arm ledge for further comfort.

Custom Oak wood work surface for a height adjustable computer desk.

This U-shaped desk top matches the customers oak office.  The cut out on the right side allows for the hand crank that the customer turns to adjust the height. 

A special angled beam support was designed and built to support the front left corner.

To Do list:  Get a picture of the installed top onto the completed workstation.

BEFORE:   Garage Roof repair:

Teammate Randy repaired this garage.

After:  Garage roof repair.

Elmhurst, IL

Porch repair:  The repair in process picture

One of my teammates repaired this porch saving the landlord customer money for a new one. 

My job:  Stop by and take an after picture.

Villa Park, IL

Someone built a shed against the house. 

Problem:  They enclosed the dryer vent.  The dryer now exhausted into the shed.  The shed started to grow mold.

The customer believed he needed a new shed built.  I advised him to have me route the dryer vent to the outside of the shed, apply mold killer, keep the doors open for a while to allow the mold to die.  

The mold is died and the customer saved the cost of building a new shed.

Elmhurst, IL

Painting: Painted a number of kitchens and bathrooms.

Example of a bathroom I painted with special flat paint that is mold resistant.

I installed an exhaust fan prior to painting this bathroom.

Elmhurst, IL

Customer was going to dispose of this child’s motorized corvette car because he could no longer purchase a discontinued battery for it.

I called my battery supplier, took apart the existing battery assembly, removed the electronics, re-installed the electronics in a better “cooling” way then before, and re-soldered all the connections to work with the new connections and new battery.

The twin boys love their car. 

Problem:  Water leaking inside of home.

Customer had others stop out and they caulked between the brick and window frame.  But this did not solve the problem. 

Using my moisture meter and detective techniques, I found the water was coming in from two spots.  Between the window glass and the frame, and between the window that opens and the frame (the seal had deteriorated.)

Caution: Many builders install cheep windows and furnaces when they build expensive homes.

Until the customer can budget for a new window, we caulked the glass with solar seal to stop the major leak.

Problem:  Water leaking into house.

No problem found with roof.  Water leaking into house through the post.  

Solution:  Remove & re-place all top railing and redesign with post caps and install balusters for safety. 

All wood primed and painted prior to installation to allow best water seal.  All wood installed via screws for maximum strength and long term attachment. 

The post caps were caulked in place to allow maximum water seal.   Elmhurst, IL

Attic entrance: Customer needed an attic entrance to sell home.  Ron & Rick cut out and installed an attic entrance in ceiling.

Skylight area leaking water into kitchen: Customer had roofers out who wanted to either corner tare area where roof meets skylight or cut out and replace part of the roof.  I believe there was nothing wrong with the roof and to use tare instead of solar seal lacked foresight.  So, before we solar sealed the corners, we power washed the area to insure adhesion longevity.   The next time it rained, we found the skylight glass also leaked.  To save money, the customer opted to have the glass caulked instead of having the skylight rebuilt or replaced.

Broken pipe in wall behind kitchen cabinet/counter: Customer had others wanting to remove counter and cabinets.  We just crawled into the cabinet and cut out the inside panel.  Crawled into the space, removed and replaced the pipe.  And then re-installed the back panel. 

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