Examples of small jobs completed by Patrick the Handyman


Examples of a few Problems solved in 2014 & 2015:

Electrical:  I continue to solve electrical problems.  Most of the time it is a bad connection, bad GFI, or a bad switch or outlet.  I own tracing equipment to assist in locating the problems. 

Lighting:  I continue to install many light fixtures and ceiling fans.  I just installed commercial rope LED lighting all around the eves of a house.  The  goal was to increase the level of security but keep the electrical cost low. 

Garage Electrical: Many garages need outlets and lighting.  I have upgraded many garages giving the customer convenient outlet locations and as much light as they need.

Sump Pumps:  I have installed many sump pumps.  The quality of the pump I install and the factory support is second to none.  Also, this pump will save you electrical cost. 

Plumbing: I continue to install many faucets, drains, garbage disposals, valves, hose spouts, and a few hot water tanks.  Repair leaks ion faucets, toilets, and pipe.  I have added hose connections to a laundry tub sink area’s to allow easy cleaning of items.

While installing a water tank, I installed 2 additional valves to allow one tank to run the house if the other fails.  This will allow the customer to get a tank repaired when it is convenient for them.  The grounding was installed after taking the picture.

Gutter Protection: I continue to install my leaf protection onto customers houses.  Select “gutter Protection” on the right for more information.  Customer continue to be very happy with this product.

Painting:  I am a fantastic painter.  The preparation of the surface being very important for durability.  I have exterior jobs that have lasted over 15 years.  I have been painting many small jobs like bed rooms and kitchens.  Pictured below is a bedroom with 3 different colors with 2 coats/color. 

Deck staining: Before and After:

I have a professional power washer that supplies 2500 PSI with heavy water flow.  The idea is not to ruin the deck but to get the old stain off.  The picture on the left shows you this.  The customer could not believe the quality of the removal.  This type of surface preparation should allow the stain to last as long as possible before applying a new coat.  Decks need to be vented so trapped moisture gets out.  This customer did not want to pay me to vent the deck.  So I expect this job to fail sooner then later.  I can only lead a horse to water, I can not make it drink. 

Chimney leak repair: The masonry patch around the clay pipe is cracked and water is leaking in.  The water finds its way into the furnace room wall.  I removed the old patch and applied a professional high tech concrete self sealing patch.  I then covered the patch with a flexible product called solar seal for outstanding durability.

I hope to get an after picture here soon.

Foundation crack:  On my own properties,  I have repaired a few foundation cracks from the outside.    Reference the picture below for example.  The professions wanted to have the AC unit removed before they arrived.  They also wanted to patch the entire area around the chimney.  I did not believe this was necessary.  So I found the exact location of the leak and hand dug it myself to allow the repair.  The cost of the AC removal was avoided.  Note:  I used professional trowel on flexible rubber to make the seal.  Then a flexible rubber material adhered to the troweled rubber to protect it from rocks.  I believe this to be the most durable way to make a foundation crack repair.

Due to this leakage, the drywall from the furnace room wall needed to be removed.  The mold killed and dried out.  To do this, duct work and a hot water tank needed to be removed and re-installed. 

Floor installation:  Before and After:

Sorry I did not take a better before picture.  This gives an example of a difficult laminate floor job being done correctly.  The prior contractor was thrown off the job and we were called in to fix their mistakes.  Note: The wood putty, and paint were not installed yet in these pictures.

Attics, Insulation, & Venting: I continue to crawl into attics and find water leaks, bad insulation jobs, bad venting, and make repairs.  A customer had a cold bedroom above the garage.  I checked the floor and it was insulated.  I found the heat supply vent to the bedroom was functioning at 50% capacity and the attic was missing about 6 feet of insulation.  I corrected both.

Attic access: Sometimes a customer needs a attic door cut into the hallway ceiling.  We have cut three so far.  We then build and install the frame and trim work. 

Appliance installation: I continue to get calls to install appliances when the appliance stores installers are not able to do so correctly.

Fence & Fence Post repair:  We repair fence.  Typically, we can repair one fence post for about $250.00 and the second post for $150.00. 

Caulk bath tubs & showers: I continue to caulk many bathrooms. 

Closet Doors: I continue to fixed many of them.

Gas Line work: I re-work gas lines to allow correct installation of appliances.

Drainage:  Special drainage was needed due to minimum slope.  The needs of this project was not in the parameters of professional irrigation companies so I had to do this myself.  The drain piping needed to be installed as high as possible to allow drainage during a flooding storm.  To have hope of durability from the freeze frost cycle, heavy duty PVC plumbing pipe needed to be used.   Needing to use 45 and 22 degree turns and have the pipe properly glued, to always be draining, was a big challenge.  The picture on the left shows a Y connection allowing future connection to the storm sewer if needed, and a french drain just before the pop up at the end (not pictured). To catch water from the driveway, I had to make custom drains. 

Ceiling tile replacement: Bath tub overflowed and the basement ceiling tile needed replacement.  No problem.  Before Picture shown below.

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