Patrick Renovates a Bathroom


Before:                           After:

Bathroom Renovation: The customer wanted heavy duty materials to withstand abuse and he wanted to install his radio and TV.  He also wanted the Oak wood and wanted the sink to be higher then standard so he didn’t have to bend over to shave.

I decided to make the shelves and the vanity and the medicine cabinet because the customer wanted “Heavy Duty” wood to take a beating from the kids.  I sealed the wood with very durable, clear water base, wood floor sealer.  Why the side lights?  They help when shaving and when I get something in my eye.

I also added some electrical below the bottom shelf to run the TV, the radio, and the phone.  The porcelain tile is “non-slip” due to the texture.

Patrick actually picked out the toilet, Medicine cabinets and the sink.

The tile was removed and a self leveling floor  was pored. This floor also covered up some bad spots in the terrazzo shower pan. See what a self leveling floor looks like (left). The pored floor took 3 days to cure due to the concrete slab being cold.  Note:  If I tried to tile on top of an uncured floor, One day, a few years after installation, the customer would notice the tiles coming loose.

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2 Bathroom jobs shown below:



The customer created this bathroom.  Our job was to make it transform into her creation. 

Details: She wanted a matching 4” deep cabinet as pictured on left.  Patrick ordered the door and made the cabinet in his shop. 

Two layers of tile existed and needed to be carefully removed to avoid building a new poured floor.

The blue wall hung toilet needed to be painted and re-built because this type (dimensions and sound) of toilet no longer exist.  Patrick built a paint “room” and made a seal gasket to accomplish the task.

The bath tub was prepared and painted by our teammate John.  He does great work.  Our teammate Tony measured & manufactured the sink/counter top to fit the curved wall and installed it.  The mirrors were measured and made by our teammate Jerry.  The mirrors are not square so they fit the space perfectly.  The Tile was installed by our tile crew managed by Eric.  We used top of the line epoxy grout to allow easy cleaning and for the bathroom to continue to look beautiful for many many years.   Patrick installed the plumbing, the fixtures, the vanity, cabinet, faucets, toilet, towel bars, baseboard, window treatment, and framed artwork.