Meet Patrick:

The Expert Handyman.




My mission: To solve my customers problems.  To allow my customer to make an informed decision by explaining the repair options.  To offer energy saving products whenever possible.  To build a relationship with my customers, as to allow my customers to simply call me, and ask me to take care of a problem.  To be proud of my work.  To save customers money.

My focus: I focus on the proper repair and improvement of your home.  What are the repair options/improvements that I would choose given the customer’s particular set of circumstances.  

My Certifications:  Residential Electrical, Home Inspection, EPA lead handling, and HVAC (Heating & Air-conditioning) Certified technician.

Examples of my work:  Please select the Handyman Portfolio to review the many examples of my work.

Testimonials:  Please select Testimonials to review my customers testimonials.  You can also find additional testimonials on Angie’s List.

Resident: Patrick is a home owner in Elmhurst, IL and he attended High school in Northlake, IL, where he excelled in every trade (Electrical, Auto Mechanic, Metals, woods, and printing) classes offered.  


As a child:  Patrick is a natural mechanic:  He has repaired mechanical devices since he was 7 years old.  He has designed and built mechanical devices since he was 9 years old.   He repaired small engines since he was 10 years old.  He wired electrical since he was 12 years old. 

High school: Patrick excelled in all trade classes.

1 year of Wood working, 2 years of Metal manufacturing , 2 years of Auto mechanics, 1 year of Electrical, and 2 years of Drafting.

Industrial:  Patrick worked wiring electrical for manufacturing use.  He also rebuilt electro-mechanical machines. 

Pre-fabricated buildings: Patrick specified, supplied and installed pre-fabricated buildings including the plumbing & electrical.  Patrick solved any electrical issues.

Landlord:  Patrick was responsible for apartment buildings and all of the maintenance and repairs for 6 years. 

Handyman:  Patrick has been working as a “for hire” handyman since 2005.  

When your home needs to be repaired, give Patrick a call.  

Electrical: I have worked with residential and commercial electrical my entire life.  Through the HVAC school, I am certified in residential electrical. I own a line tracer and I am talented at finding and repairing electrical problems.  In the past, I have also designed and installed pre-fabricated buildings including the prefabricated electrical.  I was the guy they called if an electrical problem needed troubleshooting. 

Sump Pump Systems:  I have installed many sump pump systems all the time.  I have many options  I can offer my customers.   See Sump pump Product Info link .  I also have expensive brick and concrete drill bits to allow a fitted round hole to be drilled through the brick or concrete.   This makes for a quality installation. 

Low voltage electrical:  Patrick can also repair and install install low voltage systems like door bells or lighting.  Our teammate James can help with home audio/video, surveillance, and automation systems.

Plumbing: Patrick can repair indoor plumbing.  He can fix water leaks, faucet leaks, install new faucets, install a new water line, add sprayers onto the laundry sink, run a water line to the refrigerator or furnace humidifier, replace under sink shut offs, unclog drains...  Sewer plumbing jobs or new construction are completed by my teammates Neil, Mark or John. 

Carpentry:  Patrick’s will be limited to very simple carpentry.

Heating and Air-conditioning (HVAC): Patrick no longer services and or repairs HVAC systems.  If you need a new Furnace or AC unit, Patrick will team up with a top notch HVAC installation company to propose and install a new system.  Patrick will consult with you to ensure you understand all of your options.  

Insulation & Ventilation: Patrick can advise on the repair or improve the attic insulation and ventilation.  Unfortunately, Patrick can no longer Physically roll in insulation into your attic.  He can hire a company to do so. 

Odd Jobs: Patrick loves odd jobs and the challenges they can sometimes be.

Painting & Staining & Sealing: Patrick no longer paints.

Power Washing: Unfortunately, Patrick can no longer run a power wash

Caulking: Inside and out.  Concrete caulking, Bathtub caulking, ... Limited.

Tiling: Patrick will team up with Erick to get the job done.  Patrick also has many tile suppliers to help you pick out your tile.

Flooring:  Patrick can install floating laminate flooring.

Drywall:  Patrick will work with another company to accomplish the task.

Windows: Patrick can bring windows in to be repaired.  We work with 2 different window companies.  We can offer both medium and high quality windows installed by installation crew. 

Doors: At this time, Patrick works with a five star company, Angies list “A”, to supply and install doors.

Garage Doors: Sometimes Patrick can repair garage doors depending on what is the problem is.

Roofing: Patrick will advise if possible.

For much much more:  Please call.

Patrick’s Office # 630-833-4808

Patrick’s Cell # 630-484-4352

Serving Local communities: Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Oak Brook Terrace, Lombard, Villa Park, Berkley, Hillside,  Westmont, Hinsdale, and Clarendon Hills.