Turn Bedrooms back into a Garage


I had to remove electrical, a hot water heater circuit, a forced air duct circuit, a floor, a wall, a closet, a drop ceiling, Carpet, .... and install drywall onto walls and ceiling to meet fire code.  We also removed an exterior swing door and window and filled it in with wall.  We replaced the other swing door with a new door.  We ran electrical were needed.  One of our teammates installed a new R-14 garage door.

Work in process pictures: 

An Example of drywalling the ceiling, building an attic entrance, and cutting a hole in the wall to make a new entrance into the house.  This is a 1 hour fire rated door. 

Before Pictures: Two rooms were inside the space and had to be taken down.

Examples of running electrical inside of a wall before closing it up.

Outside wall before it was changed back to a garage door entrance.                             

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