Patrick Builds a Shower Room


Due to the existing plumbing drainage pipes built into the concrete floor, we had to customize this shower room to fit into the existing layout.  Note: B&A stands for Before  and After.

Before Picture.  A small sink was to the left and above the sink was an electrical fuse box.  A fuse box next to water is not safe.  We had to relocate and replace the electrical fuse box with a Circuit Breaker box into the garage.

The vanity cabinet was custom made out of Oak wood to allow us to build it into the wall.  The 3” it saved was very important.  And yes, the portable toilet paper holder should not be in the picture.

As you can’t see, the CB-Box has been moved and the bathroom walls taken down.  We now have to design a walk in shower considering the location of the toilet, sink, door, window, and the need to fit front load washer & dryer and a laundry sink in this room. 

The shower walk in area had to be on a 45 degree angle.  The controls are mounted onto this 45 degree wall.  The personal shower is mounted above allowing easy unrestrained use.  Prior to building, the customer was measured to know exactly were to install the studs to allow the grab bars to be mounted into studs,  at maximum strength at the correct height.

The ceiling was made out of special aluminum grid and vinyl laminated drywall boards to resist the humidity.

We installed a heat lamp, an exhaust fan, and a standard light onto the joist above for strength.  We did not install onto drop ceiling. 

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