Patrick’s Sump Pump examples.


On the Right is a picture of my (Patrick’s) current sump pump system.  

Currently, I have a the Pro, DC double battery back up system as pictured below.  

I also have a 22 year old DC back up pump that is designed to activate in a flooding situation to allow more water output. 

My main pump is a pro AC stainless pump.

The controllers exercise/test the pumps every week.

Note:  The pro system pumps I supply and install have a 4 year warrantee from the manufacturer.   I have found this manufacturer to be very very helpful when help is requested. 

I chose to have a double battery back up system since I am in a flood zone area. 

I chose not to install the batteries in a battery box container. 

There are many many options when choosing and installing a sump pump system.  This is where a professional like myself can be very helpful in helping you choose the best options, and installation, for your situation.   

Left:  This is an example of a sump pump system that failed in two ways.  The pumps sometimes worked as discussed in the above example.  But also, the DC to AC system shut off at 3.4 amps when it suppose to shut off at 5 amps. 

So I replaced it with the pro system as shown on the Sump Pump products page.     

Notice the clear check valves used.  This makes it easy to see that the pumps are working.  Due to radon sealed pits, without these clear check valves, I may not have recognized the pumps were not pumping even though they were running.  The customer would have flooded in this situation if it wasn’t for the clear valves alerting me of a problem.

The manufacturers help was a huge negative in this case.

At this particular home, I would be lead to believe the cities building inspectors failed this home owner.  Many many things were done very wrong on the entire home.  The sump pits were too shallow and made of very cheep plastic that caused them to take an egg shape when the concrete was pored.   I had to custom make a cover out of plastic “wood” for both of his pits.

Someone had his battery back up pump water going to his sewer pump pit.  Well, if the power fails, the sewer pumps will not operate.  I disconnected this and reconnected to the outside where it belongs. 

I installed the pro pump and one of the pro back up pump system as discussed on the products page. 

The customer was so pleased, he had me install the same system at his parents home. 

Notice the shelf I installed to keep the system safe. 

As I mentioned, the customer had two pits.

I moved his older less capacity battery back up to the lower capacity pit, and replaced the battery with a new battery. 

I customized a cover for the egg shaped pit.

I installed a shelving unit.

I also installed clear check valves. 

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