Tile work by Erick


Erick has 12 years experience and can speak 4 languages (English, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian).  He runs 3 installation crews.  Below is an example of their work and an example of “How to build a shower” below:


Serving Local communities: Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Oak Brook Terrace, Lombard, Villa Park, Hillside, Berkeley, Westmont, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, and NorthLake.

Patrick installed the vanity, toilet, wood trim, towel racks, and built and installed the custom medicine cabinet not pictured.

1st ask ?  Why do I need a new shower ?

Original shower leak when the water ran onto the shower walls.  This was because the original shower was poorly built.  Only the caulk could keep it from leaking because it did not have a wall to floor liner and the walls were not properly sealed against the tile floor.    This is the Before picture.

Install Plastic walls to keep most of the dust from other areas of the home.

Remove all the tile and the walls if needed.  We needed to remove two of the three walls (not picture) on this particular job. 

Make sure all plumbing is secure and supported correctly.  If not Correct.

If floor is rotted, replace.  Check all drain pipes to make sure they are fine.  If not, replace. 

Walls must be removed at lower area to allow proper installation of the wall to floor liner. 

Make sure all plumbing is secure and supported correctly.  If not Correct.

Wall to floor liner installed to ensure that if for some crazy reason your shower developed a leak, the water would flow into the floor drain.

Then install your concrete board walls and poor and troll your floor to slope slightly toward the drain. 

Tile floor with the tile the customer has chosen. 

Tile walls with the tile the customer has chosen.

Install shower door.

Grout the tiles and let dry.

Patch the drywall and paint the room.

Install the toilet.

I will submit pictures here when this job is completed.